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Tree Of Life


The Baobab Tree, revered as the Tree of Life, has nurtured life in Africa for millions of years, providing sustenance for humans and animals alike.

Due to climate change and habitat loss, the oldest trees are collapsing and the rarest species of Baobab are becoming endangered.


The mission at California Baobabs is to popularize responsible conservation and cultivation of the tree  to increase the amount of these draught tolerant, superfood generating, miracle trees in appropriate biomes throughout the world.


This is climate mitigation. Thousands of years from now, our ancestors could reap the benefits of the trees we plant today. 

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Growing Resources


By Cindy Quarters

How to Care for a Baobab Bonsai:

A baobab (Adansonia digitata) is an interesting addition to a bonsai collection. These trees are native to Africa and have an unusual structure and appearance. Some legends say that the tree was cast down from the heavens....



Baobab Basics

Baobab trees are known for their immense bottle-shaped trunks which are used to store water in the dry environments where they grow. The bark is smooth and the branches and leaves are concentrated near the top of the canopy. The leaves are about the size of a human hand and are divided into five oval-shaped leaflets about 3 or 4....

Recommended Reading

Be sure to check out 'BAOBAB' by Beth Moon.

This breathtaking and captivating photography book is full of stunning portraits of the world's largest Baobabs accompanied by a beautiful story of Beth's journey to find some of the most elusive baobabs on Earth. 

Baobabs by Beth Moon
baobab seedlings in greenhouse

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