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Grandidier's Baobabs are found in Madagascar,  one of six baobab species endemic to the country. They are slow/medium growers. They are an endangered species.


Baobabs should be grown indoors during the winter if needed - they can not tolerate sustained frost. 


Baobabs will also grow to the size of their container, meaning you can create a Baobab Bonsai, or allow your tree to grow 50 feet tall over the next century.


Grown in organic/sustainable coco coir and cactus compost.


Comes with an information slip and care guide. 


NOTE: Yellowing leaves are normal - these plants are growing out of infanthood and dropping their OG leaves.NOTE**** Shipping during the summer for these little dudes can be dangerous. We will wait to ship your plant until the heat has simmered a bit, if necessary.


NOTE****** Baobabs are DORMANT during Winter, meaning they drop almost if not all of their leaves. If purchasing during this time period, don't worry about receiving what looks like a small stick. It will shoot out new leaves come spring.

Grandidier's Baobab - Adansonia Grandidieri

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