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The single species of Baobab endemic to Australia, these historic trees thrive in the harsh dry conditions of Northwest Australia. 

Adansonia Gregorii

Synonym: Adansonia Gibbosa

Common Name: Dead Rat Tree, Gouty Stem Tree, Kuruwan, Jamulang, Gadawori (Aboriginal Australian)

The Australian baobab, assumed to be a variation of baobab carried across the ocean from Madagascar not too long ago (geologically speaking) is a smaller variety of Baobab. They often grow multiple swollen trunks and typically tap out around 30 feet tall. 

The bark is lighter than many of it's cousins, with an orange-tint. The palmate leaves can vary from hairy to smooth, with 5 to 9 leaflets. The flowers are pale cream and green, like its African cousin. 

The drying fruit hanging low beneath the branches after the leaves have fallen give the tree it's popular Australian name: The Dead Rat Tree. The brittle and thin pericarp usually cracks open before the fruit falls. 

Gregorii Boababs have not been evaluated for conservation status. They are only found in the Northwest in Kimberley and the Victoria River basin. They are miraculous survivors of wildfires. 

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